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OLC (Europe) was founded in 1998, as a spin out enterprise from the University of Salford, by Dr Chris Bamber, Dr John Sharp and Dr Mick Hides. They were research colleagues investigating the People-Process interface, who had a shared purpose of improving the lives of individuals, teams, and organisations and a college of Excellence in Higher Education was emerged. Inspired by the relationship that had developed, with San Jose State University Professor Bob McQueen, who was responsible for OLC in California, the principles of “Learning by Doing” and “Respecting Individual’s from where they are at” are embedded within the fabric of the College.

The Organisational Learning Centre (OLC) is one of the UK’s most successful independent Higher Education Institutions. OLC is at the forefront of practicing inclusivity within teaching and learning, is pioneering research publications into Higher Education Governance and Risk Management and at the forefront of scholarship.

OLC has always been in Search of Excellence since 1998 and received accolades and praise from British Accreditation Council, Lloyds Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Agency and Pearson demonstrate the application of best practice within Higher Education. It has achieved Premier Status for the delivery of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, level 5 diploma courses and for the HND Healthcare Practice Level 5 Programme achieved 100% Overall Student Satisfaction two years in a row.

OLC has a distinctive spirit that embraces inclusivity, compassion and resilience. It is dedicated to excellence in higher education and has an embedded vision of improving its positive impact on the societies it serves.


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