Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion arises from our aspirations about the collegiate community we want to be, the educational environment we hope to provide our learners, and the moral character they will develop during their time with us. It goes to the heart of our Ethos, Vision, Mission and Values, to who we are and to what we want to be.

Our principles of diversity and inclusion are: Respect the dignity of every person; Build a collegiate community in which all can flourish; Live in solidarity with all, particularly the most vulnerable.

OLC (Europe) Ltd aka The Organisational Learning Centre has a UK student body that is totally unique. It is composed of UK Nationals from Non – Traditional Adult Learners Aged 24 + (average age is 42 years old), primarily from BAME Communities (Bangladeshi and Afro-Caribbean) and other excluded Adult Communities such as Eastern European and White British from deprived areas. Most are employed in micro – businesses, seek to up-skill, improve business productivity and gain managerial qualifications. They are Non – Traditional Adult Learners who would not access mainstream University provision for cultural, social and economic reasons. OLC’s recruitment methodology is based on an established Community Champions Network, developed through on – going engagement with respected Community Elders. Teaching and Learning strategies are based on flexible contact hours, small group work, early interventions, personal pastoral support etc. to address barriers experienced by Adult Learners to Level 4 + Programmes of Study. OLC Staff are well published academics with Post- Graduate Qualifications specialising in Adult Higher Education and Inclusivity in Teaching and Learning. Partner Colleges enjoy working with OLC and QAA reviews have been exemplary.

Strategic Quality Objectives

OLC is inspired to continue to provide knowledge transfer to global and local communities and grow the OLC collegiate through developing and delivering innovative teaching and learning strategies and opening up to new learners. This will be done through development of Higher Education Provision and delivery of UK accredited courses to learners, both here in the UK and globally. The College is committed to widening participation by promoting educational opportunities for mature and alternatively qualified students, as well as for college and school leavers who are more traditionally educated.

OLC is committed to making an impact on the societies we serve, through a constancy of Higher Education provision across three academic subject areas:

  • Healthcare Practice
  • Hospitality Management
  • Strategic Leadership, Business and Computing
  • Teaching and Learning

We are driving our College Systems, our Processes, our People and our Activities to reach a Destination. The OLC, Impact on Society (Is) is the destination that comes about through managing the journey expressed as:

Is = ∑E1 x ∑E2 x ∑E3 x Cp

Where, E1 is positive engagements with all our stakeholders; E2 is the evaluation of all our engagements and; E3 is the enhancements made as a result of our evaluations. While, Cp is the drive for a constancy of purpose, despite the influence of stakeholders, regulatory framework and competitors, that must be determined by our marketing of sustainable education programmes and by building a resilience to maintain a strategically intended path.

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