Learner Centric Approaches to Higher Education: Embracing AI-Learning

Presenting The OLC Education Conference 2024, OLCEC’24, Award for best poster and best paper in each stream we welcome academic contributions from Academics, OLC Staff and Students 

Conference Introduction

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a gradual but inevitable force, influencing every facet of our lives. As the impact of AI on humanity becomes increasingly pronounced, there arises a critical need for comprehensive understanding. The OLC Education Conference 2024, OLCEC’24, is a platform devoted to exploring the emerging applications of AI in Higher Education (HE) and its potential to reshape research, education, policy, and practice, ultimately enhancing the human condition. Read More

Conference Streams

We shall have four streams , which represent our four curricular areas and The OLC four Research Special Interest Groups;

Stream 1: Higher Education Providing Positive Impact on Society

Stream 2: Emerging Technologies in Higher Education

Stream 3: Being Human in the Higher Education Environment

Stream 4: Higher Education Systems: Business and Economics

Academic Posters

Learner Centric Approaches to Higher Education: Embracing AI-Learning

Acceptance Of Posters

Posters related to any OLC Higher Education Programme may be accepted for exhibiting or, exhibiting and presenting.

Acceptance Of Papers

Conference full academic papers (up to 7,000 words or paper executive summaries from 400 to 1,200 words may be accepted under the categories of stream 1 to stream 4.

The streams are broadly related to the OLC College portifolio of academic programmes and OLC research special interest groups. The conference committee will consider presented articles for publication in the Journal of Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy (MDKI) (The OLCEC’23 conference produced 4 journal publications)

Submission Deadline

Submission to be sent to research@olceurope.com by 14th June 2024

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