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The Organisational Learning Centre (OLC) is one of the UKs most successful independent higher education institutions. OLC is at the forefront of practising inclusivity within teaching and learning, is pioneering research publications into Higher Education Governance and Risk Management and at the forefront of scholarship.

Over 25 Years Of Delivery Excellence In Teaching And Learning

We are a spin out enterprise from the University of Salford since inception in 1998. OLC was established by acknowledged experts in the fields of System Thinking, Higher Education and Training and Process Management experts. This long heritage and legacy of the founding fathers of OLC, lead by Dr Chris Bamber has led to the development of OLC as a College of Excellence in Higher Education.

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Our courses are taught by academics that have relevant industry experience and subject specialism that will help and support your learning journey.


Providing Excellence in Higher Education since 1988 on a wide range of degree courses specifically designed to develop skills, knowledge and experience that will increase your chances of achieving a successful career.

World leading research has been conducted by Dr Chris and his OLC research teams since 1999 and whilst some faces may have come and gone the one constant has been a consistent stream of world class published articles.

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